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Granite Types/Colours

At Woodland/Mountain Memorials, we offer many classic or traditional granite colors for monuments.  Our experienced team will listen to your ideas and assist you in choosing the perfect look for your memorial.

Custom Design Options

We offer many different options for personalizing your memorial. Custom lettering styles with your choice of poems, prose or wording can bring a special meaning to your family and friends. Add your family-crest religious or fraternal symbols, custom cast bronze plaques or inlays, inlayed granite, beveled edges, portraits, or even engraved graphics depicting a special place. Bring your ideas to us and we will guide you through creating your treasure memorial.


Laser etchings are created with a specialized diamond tipped engraving tool to draw or “etch” directly onto a polished monument. Our craftsmen with carefully and skillfully etch your special message or photo on to your memorial. Note: Etching looks best when it is done on a polished black granite monument since you will see a greater contrast.


Inscriptions include the engraving needed on an existing memorial as a way to complete information or add additional lettering. This work can be completed at the cemetery or the memorial can be brought into our shop.


Memorials that have been weathered with time may need repainting or possibly a cleaning. Our team can assess the memorial and provide you a quote for the work needed to restore it. Our restoration method will ensure your memorial looks new again and will be preserved from further damage.